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You Can Go Back Again


A few months ago I got a call from my old running buddy, Alan Webber (co-founder, with Bill Taylor, of Fast Company). I was part of the FC launch team with those guys, and would work with them again at the drop of a hat.

Well, the hat dropped. Alan just finished a book with Richard Leider for a new initiative at AARP. It's an exciting project, especially for those who know the pain of the day your AARP card arrives in the mail (usually around your 50th birthday — "Happy Birthday! You're old!").

In the book, Life Reimagined, Alan and Richard have created a lively, energetic, and — most importantly — hopeful new take on life after 50. An excerpt:

“We are engaged in the creation of a new phase of life. We call it Life Reimagined. It comes after middle age and before old age. Its impact — the idea of a Life Reimagined moment — can come at any age. This new phase of life renders obsolete the old myths and conventional wisdom of the last 50 years, the old story that has defined the trajectory of our lives and the choices available to us.”

Exciting, right? And while they didn’t end up using our cover design, we’re happy to have been invited into the process, and to have had the chance to briefly re-live one of our most successful working relationships ever.

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