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NYU Langone Health, Fall 2018

NYU Langone Health, Fall 2018

NYU Langone Health, Summer 2018

Five things we learned while producing this issue:

  1. An NYU School of Medicine pathologist, Neil D. Theise, MD, has discovered the human body’s 80th — and possibly its largest — organ. (p 18)

  2. For the first time in NYU School of Medicine’s history, the entire group of chief residents in the Department of Surgery — eight in all — are women. “This historic class reflects a slow but inexorable change in our nation’s attitude about which fields in medical science women can pursue,” says H. Leon Pachter, MD, the George David Stewart Professor of Surgery and chair of the Department of Surgery. (p 28)

  3. One of those women, Alexandra Leon Guerrero, MD, is the granddaughter of the founder (ca. 1972) of the Bank of Guam. (p 36)

  4. The Pantone color for hospital scrubs is PMS 3558.

  5. Spot, a 38-foot tall Dalmatian, is the official greeter at NYU’s new Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. On the tip of her nose she balances an actual New York City taxicab. (p 56)

Client: NYU Langone Health
Editor: Nicole Dyer
Illustrators: Josh Cochran, Jason Holley, Gary Neill, Brian Stauffer
Photographers: Jonathan Kozowyk, Tony Luong, Brad Trent




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