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Keeping Up with the Joneses: When Rashida Met Sam

Keeping Up with the Joneses: When Rashida Met Sam


Remember when Vanity Fair published Lawrence Schiller’s “lost” Marilyn Monroe photo session?

This isn’t that.

It’s still pretty cool, though. Recently, while cleaning out some old hard drives, we came across these scans of contact sheets from a shoot we commissioned for 02138 magazine.

In 2006, we were brought in, along with former New York magazine editor Caroline Miller, to help launch the magazine, whose tagline was “The World of Harvard.” 02138 was the “unauthorized” alumni magazine for the prestigious Cambridge, Mass. bastion of higher education — sort of a VF for the ivy league crowd.

For the premiere issue, we came up with the concept of “The New Harvard Man” — which would set the tone that this wan’t your father’s Harvard magazine, and that the face of the institution itself was changing.

We decided to make actress Rashida Jones, a newcomer who was about to begin her five-year run as Karen Filippelli in The Office, as our cover model.

We paired her with Sam Jones, the legendary celebrity photographer, who is based in Los Angeles, for the shoot. And the rest is history.

The two recently reconnected on the photographer’s YouTube show OffCamera with Sam Jones.



▶︎ For more information on photographer Sam Jones, visit his website



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