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Emily Crawford: The Dude Abides

Emily Crawford was the managing editor at a magazine called Design Times, an early client of ours. She couldn't have been in a less likely situation. It was not the place for her. The magazine was about the genteel world of fine furniture and interiors. Emily swore like a truck driver. I liked her instantly. So I hired her. Her — and her zero experience in design.

Perhaps I was smart enough to know I needed a personal ass-kicker—and she certainly was that. But there was more to Emily. A lot more. She could design like a motherf**ker. I took her with me when I went to Fast Company, where we built quite an enterprise. And just look where she's gone since then: The New York Times Magazine, Travel + Leisure, Culture & Travel, Newsweek, Time—hell, she's even launched her own fashion line.

I recently got the news that Em had relocated back to her hometown of Oberlin, Ohio, where she's the design director at Oberlin College. I also recently found this old interview with Emily from Mediabistro ...