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Andrea Fella: It Was Meant to Happen

I knew of Andrea Fella before I met her. I had made a few exploratory calls to see if I could interest her in joining my ever-growing team at Fast Company in Boston around the turn of the century. I finally met Fella (that's what everyone calls her) in person, though, late one night at a party in New York in the mid 2000s. We hit it off immediately and agreed to stay in touch.

A few years later, Fast Company was sold and moved to New York, and I had launched my design studio. On a trip to see a client in the city, I was browsing at the Rizzoli store on West Broadway in SoHo, when I bumped into Marvin Jarrett, the founder of Nylon. We had met before and recognized each other. We got talking about design and type—Marvin is an editor with great knowledge on both topics. Before too long, he began lamenting the poor typography in Nylon in the days after his brilliant art director Lina Kutsovskaya (now CD at Sephora) had left the magazine. He asked if I'd be interested in working with him.

Typical of me, it was a matter of minutes before I began thinking about who my team would be. Fella immediately came to mind. Later we would hire our stellar intern, Mickey Pangilinan, who was still in college, to complete the team. 

It was a great group of people, including the amazing photo editor, Stacey Mark . We did a lot of great work (much of which you can see on this site), launched a new magazine (Nylon Guys), and were named as a finalist for the National Magazine Award for design.

I stumbled upon this interview by Greg Lindsay, which originally ran on February 28, 2005 on Mediabistro, and wanted to share it.