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“Put simply, Pat Mitchell is the most talented, creative, determined art director I have ever known. He wasn’t just part of the original team at Fast Company, he was one of the faces on our version of Mt. Rushmore. The entire organization looked up to him, not just for his great work but for his unflagging spirit and unrivaled leadership. I am proud to call him a colleague and a friend—someone whom I admire, and who never fails to dazzle.”

Bill Taylor, Founder, Fast Company (New York)

“Patrick rocks. His magazine designs are stunning. His pages sing. He can lead or follow but he always collaborates. I love working with Patrick and his work is money every time.”

Arjun Basu, SVP of Product, Bookmark Content & Communications (Montréal)

“Here are a few things you get when you have Patrick Mitchell on your team: A brilliant creative director who is also an all-around innovative thinker. A guy who’s won all the industry’s big awards (most of them more than once) but remains very much a student of his trade—and takes all that knowledge and turns it into a style all his own. A designer with great taste and big ideas who can also problem-solve and always makes sure his layouts are in service of the message the story needs to send. Oh, and also, a veteran manager who inspires loyalty from his people and makes an office more fun. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him.”

James Burnett, Founding Editor & Managing Director, The Trace (New York)