Fast Company

Project Info

The “alternative” Harvard alumni magazine first appeared in 2006, offering articles on alumni and staff, and campus goings-on. It publishes an annual Harvard 100, a ranking of the university’s most influential alumni: last year, its top five, in order, were Al Gore, President Bush, Justice Anthony Kennedy, Senator Barack Obama and Bill Gates. Mr. Allon said he planned to publish similar rankings for each Ivy League school.

The magazine, mailed free to about 100,000 Harvard alumni, is supported by ads, and the other magazines would follow that lead. “Paid circulation, I think, is a dying model,” he said.

Scope of Work

Startup, Creative Direction, Branding, Digital, Collateral


Client: Gruner + Jahr, (New York & Hamburg, Germany)
Founders/Editors: Alan Webber, William C. Taylor
Designers: Emily Crawford, Gretchen Smelter, Melanie deForest, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Julia Moburg, Becca Rees, Keith Webb
Photography Director: Alicia Jylkka
Logo Design: Roger Black

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