Fast Company

Project Info

Fast Company was founded by two former Harvard Business Review editors who recognized that everything was about to change. Forever. It was our job to create a publication that would help “knowledge workers” (as we called them) navigate this new world of work — to write the bible of the New Economy. As we considered the design, one thing was clear: it couldn’t be your father’s business magazine. And it wasn’t. With bold typography and covers that were reminiscent of posters from a revolution, Fast Company was one of the most successful launches in magazine history, and was a 2-time winner of the National Magazine Award.

Scope of Work

Startup, Creative Direction, Branding, Digital, Collateral


Client: Gruner + Jahr, (New York & Hamburg, Germany)
Founders/Editors: Alan Webber, William C. Taylor
Designers: Emily Crawford, Gretchen Smelter, Melanie deForest, Kristin Fitzpatrick, Julia Moburg, Becca Rees, Keith Webb
Photography Director: Alicia Jylkka
Logo Design: Roger Black