Nylon Guys

Project Info

At a time when most young men didn’t read fashion magazines, those who did were more likely to flip through Nylon — with its focus on art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology, and travel — than any other magazine. Marvin Jarrett, Nylon’s founder, decided to capitalize on that moment by launching a new brand, Nylon Guys. Aside from having a visual connection to Nylon, we wanted Nylon Guys to grab the attention of those 15-30-year-old male readers. The grungy, skate culture vibe included handmade elements on every page. After we finished designing out the type and photos, we literally went page-by-page and drew all over it. The magazine not only attracted the male readers we wanted, but it also attracted women — Nylon Guys became the men’s magazine with the largest female readership.

Scope of Work

Startup, Creative Direction, Branding, Redesign


Client:  Nylon Media/Downtown Media (New York)
Founders/Editor:  Marvin Scott Jarrett
DesignersAndrea Fella, Mickey Pangilinan
Photography Director: Stacey Mark