O, The Oprah Magazine

► Video: Behind the scenes at the Oprah/Ellen cover shoot

Project Info

New editor Susan Casey brought us in to help execute a complete overhaul of O, The Oprah Magazine. After a hugely successful launch and several years of growth, Oprah felt like her magazine had lost a lot of its visual energy and beauty. Its momentum had slowed. Oprah’s admonition for the redesign was heavy on words like “lush” and “abundant.” Our first task was to design the now-famous cover featuring talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen had been campaigning for months (see video above) on her show to have Oprah put her on the cover — a rarity since Oprah had only shared that space one other time (with Michelle Obama). The shoot and the magazine — which ended up printing three different covers — was a huge hit.

Scope of Work

Creative Direction


Client: Hearst Corporation (New York)
EditorSusan Casey
Designers: Gillian Berenson, Jody Churchfield, Susannah Haesche, Ashley O’Brion
Photography Director: Katie Schad
PhotographersRuven Afanador, Brigitte Lacombe, Lauren Greenfield, Sang An, William Abranowicz, Torkil Gudnason, Dewey Nicks, Martin Schoeller