The Build Network

Project Info

With Build we took a radical departure from typical magazine architecture. We started from scratch. We asked “if there was one great idea on every page would the reader feel they got real value? Eighty pages = 80 ideas? The answer was absolutely. Hell yes!

So we created the tagline The Catalog of Ideas. The book was organized around four content areas: Your Team (strategies for your best people); The CEO (the care and feeding of the boss); What’s Next (making a plan for the future); and The Network ( who’s who in each issue. Our readers totally bought into the new format. They’d even send photos of the magazine on their desks, covered in sticky notes and with pages torn out and posted on bulletin boards.

Scope of Work

Startup, Creative Direction, Branding, Digital, Events


Client: Mansueto Ventures (New York)
Editors: George Gendron, Michael Hopkins
Designer: Ashley O’Brion